Awesome Dora coloring sheets

Awesome Dora coloring sheets

Animation is a good way for kids to entertain and learn. Dora the Explorer is an American educational animated TV series. It became a regular series in 2000. The animated TV series talk about the adventures of Dora and her friend Monkey Boots. We will show you the collection of Awesome Dora coloring sheets.

Below are some examples of Awesome Dora coloring sheets presented by us for your kids:

Christmas is coming. Dora and Monkey Boots are decorating Christmas tree. Monkey Boots is elevated by Dora and he is trying to put a star on the top of Christmas tree.

Dora is having a party with her friends. There are Monkey Boots, two butterflies, King Lion, Queen Lion and Dragon King. They are very friendly.

Dora is riding a horse with Monkey Boots. They are watching fireworks. There is a fireworks display.

The woman who hugs Dora is her mom. Her name is Elena Márquez. She is 38 years old and her daughter Dora is 8 years old. She is a beautiful, kind, clever and thoughtful woman. She really loves Dora.

Dora is playing with a little frog. She has a vacation in the summer. Have a sit on the river bank is a good way stay away from the heat of the Sun.

Dora and Monkey met Tico accidentally when they were on an adventure. Tico is a dark purple ferret. He lives in the forest but he can use many vehicles. He is 4 years old and Dora’s best friend. He is playful, brave and heroic one.

Dora is wearing a sweater because there is winter. Dora is talking to the snowflake. That snowflake is levitating.

Dora is going butterfly catching with Monkey Boots. Is it an adventure? I think it is. You can see how excited they are.

Dora and Monkey Boots are in a Halloween. They are preparing for Halloween. Monkey Boots is scared. He must be afraid of that pumpkin.

Above are some examples of Awesome Dora coloring sheets. We hope you and kids will enjoy them. We provide many topics beside this one so you and kids can find and enjoy them, such as: Naruto, Pororo, Maya, Doraemon, Thomas & Friends, Cars, Looney Tunes, Animals, Numbers & Alphabets and so on. A coloring books is an awesome surprise for kids.