Beautiful Barbie coloring sheets

Beautiful Barbie coloring sheets

Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel, Inc. It is the bestseller doll in the history. When you go to a Barbie shop, you can see a lot of beautiful Barbie dolls which are packed in the boxes in many types, such as: go shopping, student, nurse, doctor, teacher and so on. We will show you the collection of beautiful Barbie coloring sheets.

Below are some examples of beautiful Barbie coloring sheets for your kids:

That Barbie is a popstar. She is a very famous singer. Those children really admire her. They are her fans.

The girl who holds a comb is a princess. She and that popstar are best friends. They are singing in a lovely room. They are a lovely and naughty couple.


She is in a concert. She is singing and her fans are cheering her up. It is a colorful and fantastic concert. She and her fans must find it an unforgettable concert.

It is Barbie and her favorite kitten. Not only is that kitten her pet but it is also her close friend. Her kitten is worn a necklace by her.

That Barbie is a fairy. She is sitting on a flower. She is talking to a little angel. It is really hard to find them because they are really small. If you see them, you must be really lucky.

She is butterfly Barbie princess. She is a really beautiful girl with magical wings and a colorful dress. She can go on foot and fly with her wings. When she fly, a lot of magic dust falling from her wings.

She is daydreaming. She think about the appearance of a man who always makes her smile and make the world more beautiful.

She is called a fashionable Barbie. She wears a modern dress and hold lovely handbag. Her occupation is a model. She has to walk on the catwalk every day. A normal Barbie finds it really hard to do.

We hope kids will enjoy coloring these coloring sheets. We have many topics beside this topic, such as: Pororo, Rainbow, Animals, Number, Alphabet, Cars, Fruit and so on. You can easily download and print directly our coloring sheets because they are free. If you want to print them, you can click the button on the screen. Coloring is really fun. Let’s make these coloring sheets more colorful.