Kids always attracted by cartoon. They usually have their own favorite character in the cartoon. Kids can copy their character’s action, voice or speech. It will build the character of kids. We will show you the collection of cute coloring sheets. It is the collection of cute moments of many famous characters in cartoons.

Below are some examples of cute coloring sheets:

She is Stella. She is from Angry Bird Stella. She has a pink fur with three pink plume feathers on top of her head, blue eyes with eyelashes and a short yellow beak. Her breast is light pink and she has three black feathers at her back.

The little girl who is drinking is Kitty. She is an anthropomorphic white Japanese Bobtail cat-inspired character with a red bow. Not only she is playful, funny and kind but she is also sentimental.

That happy train is Thomas. He is from Thomas and Friends. He lives in Island of Sodor. He is going adventure.

That is Bunny. Bunny is a little rabbit. She is Thumper’s love. She has brown fur although Thumper has a grey one.

It must be Thumper. Those flowers is for his love – Bunny. Bunny will be very surprise.

Look at that bear. He is watering the plants. His name is Pooh. He is from Winnie the Pooh. He has a yellow fur and he wear a red shirt. He lives in the forest and he really loves honey.

They are fishes. Fishes in water. They breathe by using their gill. They swim by moving their oars.

He is the youngest Dalmatian in his family. He live in Chloe’s house. There are on hundred and two Dalmatians live in her house. He will get dots on his fur soon.

He is Flounder. He has yellow skin. He lives in the sea. He is best friend of Ariel the mermaid. He is a tropical fish from A little mermaid.

That’s a little duck. He has a yellow fur and orange beak. He is swimming. He looks so happy.

We hope you pleased with our coloring sheets. Beside this topic, we have many topics for you to choose for your kids. We have the general topics: Animals, Letters and Alphabet, Fruits, Cars, Flowers, Birds, Cartoon,… or the specific topics: Cat, Dog, Pororo, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Snow White,… These coloring sheets are all free so you can download it now or print it by clicking the buttons on the screen. Kids will be very interested in coloring these cute coloring sheets.