Alphabets and numbers are what kids have to learn firstly when they go to the nursery or kindergarten. Kids often find it difficult to count and number. Teachers often connect studies with stories, toys and animals. It helps them learn more easily and remember things well. When they study and color, the result will be fantastic. Because of those benefits, we present to you the collection of number coloring sheets.

Below are some examples of number coloring sheets for your kids:

Number one is written on the top and there is one plane. It is a vehicle which is used to transport people, goods by moving in the sky.

There is two flowers. The number is written on the top is number two. Flower is a special kind of plant part and the most colourful part of plant.

There is three telephones. They indicate the number three. A telephone is a device that permits two or more users to conduct a conversation when they are too far apart to be heard directly.

This coloring sheets with number four has four books. Books is the place to save knowledge. Reading books is a good activity in order to widen our knowledge.

This coloring sheet has five mailboxes. It is the representative of the number five which is written on the top of the picture in this picture. Mailbox is where postman leaves our letters which is sent to us.

These pencils symbolize the number six. Pencil is made from woods. It is a cylinder-shaped writing utensil that is also used to draw, usually on paper.

The number is written on the top is number seven. This coloring sheets show us seven bells. A bell has the shape of a hollow cup that when struck vibrates in a single strong strike tone. When you ring a bell, its sound will spread in a wide area.

There is rows of candles. This coloring sheets introduce us number eight which is written on the top of the picture and eight candles. Candle is used to provide light. Sometimes, it is also used for heating.

Look at them! They are smiling. These smiling faces are called smiling emoticon. Emoticon is used to express writer’s moods or facial expressions in the letter.

There are one column and two rows of heart. Can you count them? There is ten hearts in this coloring sheet. On the top of the picture is number ten.

We hope you will enjoy these coloring sheets. We have many topics beside this one, such as: Animals, Maya the Honey Bee, Pororo, Rainbow, Snow White, Cartoon,… All coloring sheets are free so you can download these easily or print them directly by clicking the button on the screen. A number coloring book is good choice to make kids a surprise.